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Protect your phone now, protect the environment later.

This phone case is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.


· 100% biodegradable material
· Anti-shock protection
· Thickness over 1.8mm
· Shipped in a cardboard box from recycled materials
· Matted and flexible texture provides a smooth, soft feeling
· Raised edges helps to protect the screen and camera lens
· Enclosed side buttons
· Full phone encasing for maximum protection
· Quick and easy Snap-on/Snap-off Case
· Supports wireless charging

When you’re done with your case, just simply throw it in a bin and it will disintegrate within a year instead of taking up landfill

The 100% biodegradable composition dissolves completely and harmlessly when discarded properly.  This way there's no plastic pollution on our oceans.

Please note that the images are examples only as due to materials being natural there may be some differences in the amount of grain you can see for example.